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What you're seeing in all it's pink and blue glory is the new cover for Binary Gray #1! Art by Rowel Roque and Colors by Jasen Smith!

I'm ecstatic that BG found a good home and the newsprint line from Alterna seems like a perfect fit for this super hero / conspiracy story. I had a ton of fun writing it and I hope that new readers respond well to the humor, adventure and drama.

There will be some tweaks, which are in process now - some lettering and colors fixes, and... as you may have noticed all new covers from Rowel. Let me tell you - they do NOT disappoint! I'm excited to share more when the book launches next August.

Black of Heart fans may already know that my first collaboration with artist David Hollenbach was working on the original covers for Binary Gray and they got a lot of love - there's no doubt there, but I really wanted to bring new life to these books and grab new readers with a style that resonates with the old-school newsprint vibe and really exhales the fun of the series.

The original unedited version won't be available much longer, so grab them while you can through this site ( and I'll sign them and ship them directly to your face.

I never imagined that BG would see new life, (on a much broader scale), and I can't tell you how proud I am to send my baby out into the world.


As the release date closes in, I'll update everyone on our progress, share new artwork and tell you how to get Binary Gray in your local comic shop.

You can't see this, but I'm doing a little dance. It's both ridiculous and sad.

Thanks for reading!

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