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Starting right now - IMMEDIATELY - you can read the first three chapters of my Sci-Fi novella, "ABSENT STARS" on Kindle Vella!! You can find it HERE or just search for Absent Stars on your Kindle or the Kindle app on your phone/tablet and BOOM you're off to the races!

Kindle Vella is a cool platform that allows writers to release their books one or a few chapters at a time! I'll be releasing chapters pretty regularly so be sure to FOLLOW and LIKE my story so you'll know when a new chapter releases!

Here's the description for the story to get you SUPER excited.

2137 AD - As the sun enters its red giant phase billions of years ahead of schedule, an evacuation to a massive space station exposes the harsh reality that Earth's elite will receive priority escaping the dying planet. On an expedition to find a new home for humanity, a crew of scientists traverse the galaxy, but one of them has a different agenda - to sabotage their mission and prevent mankind's survival. However, once isolated on their ship, a new plan, fueled by love and fear, begins to unfold.

It's tough to not want to spoil some stuff, but I'll just say this - it's a Sci-Fi Action Thriller with lots of cool twists and turns. Elements of Taxi Driver and American Psycho with a backdrop of planet-hopping space adventure. You didn't think I'd write something without some kind of messed up angle did you? Jeez, it's like you don't know me at all. I kind of fell in love with the idea of someone who has a mission, but deviates from it once they're left to their own devices, without a watchful eye.

Anyhooo - I'm extremely EXCITED for this story and to get more of my prose work out there. It's a big departure from the short stories I've written in the past and I'm very happy to see it come to life and find an audience. Sci-Fi is very near and dear to my heart and I wanted to write a story that I wanted to read, so here we are.

Again - THANK YOU for checking it out and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget to FOLLOW and LIKE the hell out of it! ❤️

In other news - more THANKS to everyone who has ordered and shown love / given praise for "A LIT WICK". My first foray into poetry has been very cool and uplifting. I'm still chipping away at a follow up and VERY SOON I'll have signed copies up on the site for anyone who wants one - they will be LIMITED, so be sure and grab one quick and I'll definitely announce when they're up!

I created a TikTok account that you can now follow (HERE - @CharltonWrites) where I just released a little promo (and outtakes of my dumb brain) discussing the book! I'll probably post some poetry readings and of course I'll be discussing all of my writing projects there soon. This was just a first step and it's had more views than I expected, so it seems like something I'll be engaged in. (Suck it Twitter) It's only been 24 hours so I have a very sad number of followers, but YOU CAN HELP! Follow me, like my videos and help get the word out! ❤️ If you're interested in my travels and the side of my life that I don't talk all that much about on here (growth, healing, self love) you can follow me @The.Healing.Traveler on Instagram. I just got back from Moab, Utah and it was such an amazing experience. Just one of many I'll be having as I travel around this year.

I'll be announcing some comic convention appearances soon as well as more news on upcoming projects. If you missed the preview of my comic series, "PRETTY DICKS", you can check it out on all of my social media accounts. It's a very dark, violent comedy and I've never laughed so hard while writing something. I like to describe it as Thelma & Louise meets True Romance.

Here's a sample of the opening page (BIG PROPS to the art team here - Elena Ominetti, Matt Soffe and Tim Fuller!) ---

ATTENTION - YOU - YES, YOU! I'm thinking of opening up a readership to just a select few people who would get early access to my new work and projects in exchange for reviews and helping to like and share my work online. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, (or you're already doing it!), please hit me up at or DM me on social media. I need people I can trust to give me honest feedback! Tell me specifically what types of projects you'd be interested in (comics, poetry, novels) and I'll get you some fun stuff to check out before anyone else! ❤️

That's all for now! As always - thank you for reading and if you're into it, please leave a FIVE STAR review for any of my books that you enjoy on Amazon! You have no idea how helpful that is! You can find them all HERE on my Author's page! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Stay safe, stay tuned and thanks (again) for reading!



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