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By day, a mild-mannered IT Administrator and by night, a workaholic writer with a taste for the abstract and abnormal, both comedic and violent.  

Fifteen years as a singer helped me develop two key skills - how to get what's in my head out onto the page and the rhythm of a story.  The rest was practice and the determination to finish what I started.

I'm a starving artist with steak for dinner.  I work my day job and pay my bills while telling my stories with the hopes of someday working as a writer full time.  

I have so many twisted tales to tell and my journey to this point has been a roller coaster of both achievement and disaster.  I hope you'll join me to see how it unfolds.  Disappointments.  Heartbreak.  Sure, but also the joy of creating and the tingle of finishing a new story to share with those who are kind enough to dive into the worlds I've created.

Check out my blog for theories, mindset, general how-to and follow my journey to the near-bottom-middle.

I am currently the Writer/Creator of the award-winning "Black of Heart", "Binary Gray", "Sleepless", "The Dolls", "Retrothrust", "Welcome To Dahmerville", "Absent Stars", "The Weight of Air" and "Open Tree".  

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