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Christopher Charlton is the writer of the award-winning Crime / Noir graphic novel, "Black of Heart", the Kindle-exclusive Sci-fi / Thriller, "Absent Stars", and the YA Horror / Comedy, "Welcome to Dahmerville", as well as a very personal collection of poems and short stories, titled "A Lit Wick".

When not writing, he is likely researching a story, traveling, or challenging himself with a new recipe in the kitchen accompanied by his two (very rude) cats.

Check out his Blog for theories, mindset, disappointments, celebrations, or just to follow along on the journey of a writer trying to find his way. 

Chris is currently exploring the physical world and his own humanity like some kind of strange, ouroborant vagabond, contemplating the depths of existence, while finding peace, beauty and humor in the little moments that make up life.

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