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BINARY GRAY - Bundle (Issues 7-12)


The ORIGINAL print run in all it's glory - as it was MEANT to be read!  


With evolving electrical powers, Alex Gray has become an unstoppable force. Alone in a new world and hunted by “The Agency”, he continues to track his father’s killer with reckless abandon. While a team of super-powered heroes, known as "The Virtue", fight off an army of robotic soldiers, Alex battles his own demons in a showdown to the death.

“Binary Gray continues to deliver complex stories and characters, embracing some superhero tropes while also inventing new ones…” – Tim Palmer (FanBoyComics.Net)

“The characters and awesome battles will bring me back for more.” – Sheena McNeil (

“A great read and an original idea.” – Art B (TheHammondComicsBlog.Com)

6 Issues, 22 pages each, Full Color.


Writer/Creator: Chris Charlton
Pencils/Inks: Rowel Roque
Colors: Anthonie Wilson / Vasco Sobral
Letters: Brant W. Fowler
Cover Art: David Hollenbach

BINARY GRAY - Bundle (Issues 7-12)

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