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by Chris Charlton and David Hollenbach


An untraceable killer. A detective on the edge. A city that never sleeps.


1949 – A depraved serial killer stalks the streets in his yellow taxi, dumping the ravaged bodies of random women in the back alleys of New York City. Homicide Detective, Drake Harper, is condemned to pick up the pieces, but as the body count rises, Drake’s personal life spirals out of control and no amount of booze can silence the voices of his past.


This 180-page hardcover edition of the gritty noir thriller collects all five issues of the comic book series for the first time and includes a brand new 7-page epilogue, a pinup gallery featuring all new, never-before-seen artwork, and a foreword written by author, Mark Kidwell.


"Atmospheric and chilling.  BLACK OF HEART's tale of one man's descent into another's madness is uniquely crafted and truly terrifying." - ROBERT VENDITTI (Superman '78, World of Krypton, Surrogates)


"BLACK OF HEART is a classic noir wrapped in horror, brought to life with stunning, haunting visuals.  Charlton and Hollenbach have something special on their hands." - JAMES TYNION IV (Detective Comics, The Nice House on the Lake, Department of Truth)


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