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What Keeps You Up At Night?   Four twisted tales in one killer book featuring the artists of "Black of Heart" and "Binary Gray"!  

EMPTY – A man flashes back to a better time in his life. What's happened to the woman he loves? What's happened to the world?


THREE YEARS – Three years after the devastation of 2012, one man has adapted to life, forced to make due with what he has.


ARTIFICIAL UNTELLIGENCE – An alien abduction turns a night of camping into something else entirely.


A MOTHER’S DEVOTION – One mother goes above and beyond to protect her son from school bullies.


Horror / Sci-Fi ANTHOLOGY  -  28 pages, Full Color

Writer/Creator: Chris Charlton
Featured Arists: Rowel Roque, David Hollenbach, Greg Woronchak, & Joe Badon
Colorists: Vasco Sobral & Heather Breckle
Letterer: Brant W. Fowler
Cover Art: Matt Dicke