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The neighbors are weird, the weather is unpredictable... but the scenery is to DIE for.

Summer, 1994.  

When Dodd, a fourteen-year-old mystery enthusiast, reluctantly moves with his mom from the big city to the sleepy burb of Dahmerville, he quickly realizes that things are not what they seem. As he uncovers a conspiracy behind the town’s missing people, bizarre electrical storms, and massive graveyard, Dodd finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of murder and magic. When the true nature of his mother’s job is revealed, working for the department of tourism to lure new victims to the town, it’s unclear who can be trusted. With only his faithful hound, Fox, to rely on, the awkward teen will have to face his worst fears to contend with the evil forces controlling Dahmerville and save those he cares about . . . just as soon as he’s done mowing the lawn.

This paperback edition of Welcome to Dahmerville features a "Nostalgia Index" in the back of the book (not included in the Kindle version), detailing each of the novel's chapter titles and pop culture references!


If you've purchased the Kindle Edition, you can receive a copy of the Dahmerville Nostalgia Index (free) by signing up for the CharltonWrites Mailing List!


Matte Paperback Cover

367 pages

Welcome to Dahmerville (signed copy)

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