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Black of Heart wins Best Graphic Novel! + Comic Book World!

Hey campers - just enjoying a nice Sunday morning mimosa and thought I'd drop some good news! Last weekend at SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus, Ohio, Black of Heart received 1st Prize for Best Graphic Novel and I'm just ecstatic that the book has garnered as much attention as it has. Watching faces light up when they have a look at David's incredible artwork (below) and explaining the premise (a noir serial killer story) is always fun. Extra special thanks to everyone who backed the Kickstarter for the hardback edition, which is just a thing of beauty.

SPACE was my first show when I got started and this is our fourth award for the book, but this one means a lot to me. If you're not familiar with the series yet (WHY NOT?) you can check it out HERE!

In addition, I took a trip down to Comic Book World in Florence, KY for Free Comic Book Day yesterday to see some friends and ended up meeting the owner - long story short - they're carrying all of my books! So if you're in the Cincy / Northern KY area and you'd like to save on shipping costs, stop by there and pick up some of my work!

Big thanks to those guys, who run a great store with a clear passion for comics and the creators who are the lifeblood of the medium. Support like that can be hard to find these days - so show some love for Comic Book World and stop by their shop!!

That's it for today - short and sweet!

Thanks as always!


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