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I'm hunting for a small group of advance copy readers for my 90's YA Paranormal True Crime Horror Comedy Mystery Thriller Dark Fantasy - "WELCOME TO DAHMERVILLE"! Yes, I wrote this book to be included in every POSSIBLE book category and the excitement is about to cause my brain to explode!

Oh, and check BELOW for the reveal of the NEW COVER!

CLICK HERE to grab a copy of the book (FREE), while they're still available!


You get:

  • A PDF or EPUB version of the book to read (immediately!) on whatever platform you prefer.

I get:

  • Your direct feedback and reviews for the book on Amazon / GoodReads, and hopefully, word of mouth - you telling a friend that might also enjoy the book!

There is no catch! You get a FREE book, and if you decide not to review it, there's absolutely nothing I can do to stop that.

HOWEVER - I honestly can't express just how important early reviews are to the success of a new book, and this being my FIRST novel, it's even more critical. Your reviews MATTER. Period. Plain and simple. And if you like my work, you can help me substantially by reading and submitting an early review. ❤️


I'm releasing the Kindle E-Book early and the paperback one week later. I am NOT promoting that E-Book. It will be up (and is up now for pre-order) only to allow for early reviews leading up to the paperback release date on SEPTEMBER 18th!

All of the promotion and marketing will be focused on the paperback release, but having READERS LIKE YOU, who get in now and review the book early, will give it a tremendous boost that can really MAKE OR BREAK the book's launch.

So, I'm counting on YOU! ❤️

This is my first foray into any type of advanced marketing for a book, outside of telling people on social media (or here) that something I've written is available and where to get it. When I started looking into this, you can imagine my shock when the only types of promotion I could find were PAID reviews. People asking anywhere from $500-$1000 for reviews in magazines, papers and websites. And while, those reviews may lead to sales, when you're just starting out, spending that kind of money isn't feasible. It's actually INSANE!

So we're doing things a little more... Indie/Guerilla!

Your early reviews will go a long way to help me to promote the BIG LAUNCH for the paperback. (Again - SEPT 18th!)

If you've read part or all of Welcome to Dahmerville on Kindle Vella, (Kindle's episodic story platform), let me assure you that the paperback version has a completely new edit with two new chapters and an additional 16K words. I could not be more excited for this new version of the story!

Here are a handful of things that people had to say regarding WTD:

"Think Alice in Wonderland... but with sharper axes"

"Packed with nostalgia"

"Quickly pulls the reader in"

"A nonstop comedic mystery"

"The perfect blend of humor and horror"

"An exciting read"

"This is a lot of fun"

"Would definitely recommend!"

So, get in early on this fun Spooky Season romp and help spread the word!

I'm only giving out a small number of free copies, (and only for a limited time), so if you'd like to be included, please click the link HERE to get your copy ASAP!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


PS - How about this BOOK COVER by the amazing Timothy Lantz?!!


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