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What a crazy month! Dahmerville hit #1 in New Releases for Amazon's YA Detective category and is still holding strong at #2 almost 3 weeks later! Considering the number of books that are constantly being released, I think that's a pretty great feat for an indie novel, and I have to thank everyone who picked up a copy and gave a star rating or review on Amazon and GoodReads!

I can't tell you how important those reviews are for the little guys like me, trying to break through Amazon's (broken) algorithms. Lots of lessons were learned, but there is some pretty great satisfaction in seeing your book come back as the #1 result when you search "YA SERIAL KILLER". Is anyone using that? Who knows, but I'll be at the top if they do and it's a hell of a lot better than being somewhere on Page 5.

In summary - PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!! It's the best way for the book to find more of the readers who will enjoy it, and it's the perfect Halloween read, so NOW is the time! 🖤

OK - Now to the giveaway details!!

There is less than a week to enter the Dahmerville giveaway at GoodReads!

Click the pic below to enter NOW!

I'm still amazed at all of the entries! Over 4200! That's awesome! Get over there and enter to win, or if you're impatient like me, just buy it now and start reading immediately lol.

BIG THANKS to everyone who preordered a signed copy of the paperback through my site! I should have those any day now and get them signed and sent out ASAP, and there's a little something extra coming in the mail with them!! 🖤

Regarding Kindle Unlimited - if you are a member, you can read Dahmerville for FREE! And a friendly reminder --- it won't be on KU forever, so grab it and read it NOW, while you can! Don't forget - Kindle Readers, you can still get the FREE Dahmerville Nostalgia Index (and some killer short stories) by signing up for the CharltonWrites Mailing List at the bottom of each page on!

TikTok Giveaway - Thank you to all of the BookTokers out there for your support! I'm just a little over 200 follows away from reaching my goal of 1000 followers, at which point I can do LIVE streams, including writing discussions, Q&A's and reading book reviews! If you're on TikTok, please CLICK HERE to follow my account to help me reach my goal! I'll be giving away some signed copies of the physical book once I hit it!

When I say this is the hardest I've ever worked in my life, I mean it. The countless hours that went into writing this novel, rewriting and editing, promoting, advertising and even working with Tim on the cover, was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my life. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to create this work and get it out for you to read and intensely excited for the next book that's on its way in the next few months.

Thank you SO MUCH for honoring my work by reading it and going on this fun journey with me - straight from my heart and brain, out onto the page!

Stay safe, stay tuned, and keep reading!



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