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Hellooo Friends and Fans and Frands!

Some very fun news this week - right up front - BLACK OF HEART Chapter Four is out in stores! Sales have been solid month to month and the fans have been very vocal - REALLY TRULY appreciate that! Next month is the big finale!

I guess you can't polish coal, but if you could that's roughly what my heart would look like now.


Heads up - ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT of the 25% OFF SALE!

Use the code: BUNDLEUP at checkout and save a bundle! How about that fancy wordplay? In case that wasn't enough for you, there are now BUNDLES of Binary Gray (the original issues) up on the site and once they're gone - THEY ARE GONE! So grab em while you can!

As I mentioned in the blog title --->

I will be appearing on Comic Burrito LIVE this Saturday, February 27th at 10pm EST! <--- click this thing

charlton comic burrito black of heart interview

These guys have been really supportive of BLACK OF HEART and many other great Source Point Press books and I'm excited to have a drink and chat with them for a bit! Real human interaction just like in the olden days! That's right - OLDEN!

And just a quick shout out to these fine fellas who were kind enough to give BLACK OF HEART, David and myself, some very high praise. Be sure and check out these reviews!

Video Review at Triangle of Truth! CLICK HERE!

triangle of truth you tube charlton writes black of heart review

AND a terrific write up at "A Place To Hang Your Cape"! Many thanks to Carla for this great review! CLICK HERE ON THIS THING!

black of heart charlton writes chris charlton carla vazquez review murder mystery place to hang your cape david hollenbach

Sorry to cram so much news into one post - I've been deep deep DEEP in writing. Being snowed in is funny that way. Of course I stopped to build a snowman or two.

chris charlton charlton writes snowman author 2021

Detective FLAKE Harper was on the case. (don't hate me for this one)

That's it for now! Come check me out on ComicBurrito Saturday night!!

Stay safe, stay tuned and keep reading!



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