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LIVE Interview with my FACE!

First things first - THANK YOU to everyone who pre-ordered "Black of Heart" #1 and "Horror Double Feature 2" from Source Point Press! I'm so excited for you to read my work and to hear your feedback!

If you missed out getting the books added to your Local Comic Shop pull list, you can STILL get your copies through the Source Point Store - HERE! And by the way - while you're there, take a look around because there are a TON of other great books and series from SPP!

Second things second - I'll be on Facebook LIVE this Thursday, October 8th, at 7:30pm EST on "GET TO THE POINT"!

Just to be clear, my beard won't be there - it's doing another interview somewhere else. I'm being told I can't talk about the beard interview. I'm being told to shut up. I'm being told to stop typing. I've said too much!

Thirdly! The reveal for the "Black of Heart" #1 Premium Variant cover! Check it out below! This is also available through the Source Point Shop, including a RARE metal cover! How cool is that?! Get a load of that gorgeous artwork by Martha Webby!

Fourth and lastly! Tell your local comic shop to add "BLACK OF HEART" #2 to your pull list!

That's all for now, but I'll be back with more news soon! Hope to see you THURSDAY on Facebook LIVE!! ❤❤

Thank you again for all of your support and sharing my work, talking about it on social media and sending people here to sign up for the newsletter/blog! I'm going to have some VERY big news in the coming months.

Stay tuned, stay safe and keep reading!


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