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Well . . . I lied. LOL. Sorry about that.

I had the best intentions of getting ABSENT STARS (my Greek tragedy of a Sci-Fi story) out in paperback by this time, but with travel and a terrible cold, (and the holidays on top of it), things have been delayed a bit. Not to worry, though - it IS on its way! ❤️

I just reached roughly the half-way mark on WELCOME TO DAHMERVILLE and I love it SO much! Episodes 24 & 25 just came out -- "Hold on to Your Butts" and "Hey Jealousy". Can't you just feel the 90's nostalgia oozing out of this one? It's such a fun combo of horror and comedy and it really checks a lot of boxes for me. If you haven't checked it out yet, click the link above and give it shot!

In NEW news - I have two short stories in an amazing anthology titled "SYLACAUGA"! It's a very cool collection of short stories and poems from some truly epic writers and somehow, I got included haha.

If you're not familiar with the "Sylacauga Event", it's the true story of a meteorite that crashed through the roof of a woman's house in Sylacauga, Alabama, in 1954! Without ruining anything, some very bizarre circumstances spun out of this strange incident. It's a great topic for an anthology - lots of stuff there to get the creative juices flowing.

I have two stories in the book, (my good friend Michelle Gallagher Soffe put this beautiful anthology together), one horror story and one short comedy.

"The Cursed" follows a young couple searching for the means to cure - you guessed it - a terrible curse, but what they find in the swamps of Alabama may be even worse!

"The Miners of Arcton 12" is a fun throwback to old Sci-Fi serials and features a couple of mischief-making aliens raising hell across the galaxy. When they cross paths with a crew of Arctonian space miners . . . well, let's just say, things don't go as planned.