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The word on the street is that BLACK OF HEART is as good as gold!

Many thanks to everyone for their support and getting the word out on this series. The first issues sales were very good and, despite this weird time in our lives, seems to have found an audience. As a writer, what more can you hope for?

When you pray that your book does well, there's only one man you truly want to answer...

Love this and love those words.

If you'd like to be featured here, send in your pics, links or tag me on social media and I'll include them! Thanks for helping to get the word out - it truly helps SO much! ❤

Big thanks to Victor Dandridge for the insane compliments in "Black, White and Read All Over" #343! I suggest watching the entire video, but the Black of Heart love starts at the 12:30 mark!

I've known Victor a very long time and they call him "the hardest working man in comics" for a reason. Insanely talented writer and an extremely nice guy. AND clearly he has good taste, so head over to Vantage:InHouse now and get familiar with his work!

BLACK OF HEART Chapter Four is in Previews NOW NOW NOW - so let your Comic Shop know you want to add it to your pull list! All HELL breaks loose in this one!

Need to get caught up on Black of Heart?! Look no further - DO THE CLICKY HERE!

Just one last piece of news -

I received my copies of Eight Gunshots and I have to say - this is a great looking book! Definitely recommend picking it up for some fun short Western prose!

Kiddos, I'll be back in the New Year with more news - some that will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF, so hopefully you're getting new socks for Christmas, otherwise it's going to be a cold Winter.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and find time to curl up with your favorite books!

Stay safe, stay tuned and keep reading!



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