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Get a load of this gorgeous RARE cover by Alex Ogle! This cover for Black of Heart #1 is a retailer exclusive, so if you're anywhere near Epikos in Chattanooga, Tennessee, DEFINITELY pick this up!

I can't say for sure if they'll be available online or by contacting the store directly, but if you want this bad boy - it looks like the aftermarket is your best bet!

It will be available for purchase along with the original (David Hollenbach) cover and the killer "Victim Variant" by Martha Webby (below) NEXT WEEK - NOVEMBER 25th!!

And then we're one month out from Black of Heart #2 hitting the stands and, YEP, like I said last week - BOH Issue #3 is in Previews right now!


If you're keeping track at home, that means Issue #4 is right around the corner, so stay tuned for news on that front as well. ❤

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I know it can be tough if you're isolated and trying to do the right thing to keep relatives safe by distancing yourself. The spike in Covid cases means we all have to be extra vigilant. Find a good book, movie or video game to hunker down with and make the best of it. I've truly come to appreciate these times when life slows down a bit. After the break, I'll have something great to show you - a sneak peek at a BRAND NEW PROJECT!

I'm VERY excited to share it and really looking forward to it. If you know anyone who is writing their own book, looking to publish or promote their own work, by all means, share this link and tell them to sign up for this bloggy thing! Big things are in store for next year!

Stay safe, stay tuned and keep reading!



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