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Welcome To Dahmerville Paperback - COMING SEPT 18th!

Lots of news including free giveaways, signed copies and bonus features! Plus a special look at the back cover artwork by artist Timothy Lantz!

It seems like only yesterday Dahmerville was a comic book script and now, here we are! The Kindle Edition and paperback novel are ready to go! It's been such a crazy ride. BIG BIG Thank you to my ARC readers for their excitement and wanting an early review copy.

If you're ONLY interested in the Kindle Edition - you can start reading TODAY! Click HERE or the picture below right now!

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of the paperback book will be available at!

CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER Today! (Estimated to ship early October!)

Feeling Lucky?! Enter the Goodreads Giveaway to win a FREE Kindle Edition of WELCOME TO DAHMERVILLE! CLICK HERE to enter now! While you're there, follow my author page and leave a book review! I hadn't really done much with Goodreads until recently, but I love rating the books I've read and telling everyone what I'm currently reading. It's a lot of fun!


Now this is the cool part--the paperback version includes The Nostalgia Index, which details each of the novel's chapter titles and pop culture references. All of my horror fans and 80's & 90's lovers - THIS IS FOR YOU! 🖤

But don't worry Kindle Readers! You can download The Nostalgia Index as an add-on companion for FREE by signing up for my Mailing List! Just click HERE and select the file type or device you prefer to read on! Super simple!


Writing a book is hard work, but promoting it is TEN times harder. I can easily say that I underestimated the work involved in getting the word out about this book, and the saddest thing is, despite 10-12 hours days, it's still hard to find amongst all of the other book. That's exactly why WORD OF MOUTH is the absolute best form of advertising.

As I was winding down, my energy waning, it was the people of TikTok that started to really reinvigorate my spirit. They weren't just interested in the book, but excited to jump in and help, spreading the word and telling their friends. It was like a magic spell that gave me a second wind and pushed me to keep going. THANK YOU FOR THAT. ❤️

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - TELL A FRIEND AND REVIEW THIS BOOK! On Amazon, on Goodreads - anywhere and everywhere! If you've read my other books, review them! It all REALLY helps independent writers like myself, unable to compete with the big publishers.

NOW, how about this SWEET back cover art for the WTD paperback?! A big round of applause for Timothy Lantz, who just knocked this cover out of the park! The atmosphere and spookiness is perfect! Go check out more of his work at!

Thank you - Thank you SO MUCH and Happy Reading! 🖤



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