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Kickstarter & Book Signing News!

There's a thing that's happening and it's a thing I contributed to and now you can have that thing! And that thing is this:

If you're saying "Whoa - did Chris write a short story set in the Old West and it's amazing?", then I would say "Thank you for presuming it's amazing" and also "You're correct!"

It's a short drama titled "Gold Hen" about an old man coming to terms with the major traumas and obstacles throughout his life. This is all heart poured onto the page and I had a great experience writing it. Look forward to more prose from me in the future!

It's one of eight shorts in the anthology, accompanied by some incredible artwork and I've very excited to be a part of it! Please contribute and share the love to make the book a reality! ❤


I'll be at Half Price Books (Beechmont) next Saturday, November 9th during their BIG SALE-ABRATION from Noon to 5pm!!

I love this store and they keep having me back so maybe it's mutual?!

See you there!

That's it for now, but expect some more news and a new blog on writing very soon!

Thanks for reading, as always -


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