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Just in time for Spooky Season!! Yes, yes, I've been hard at work on a story that's very near and dear to my heart, and now it's coming to KindleVella!

The book is WELCOME TO DAHMERVILLE and Launch Day is TODAY - September 20th!!

What's it all about?!

Summer, 1994 - When an inquisitive 12 year old, Dodd, and his mother, move to Dahmerville, he's the only one who seems to notice that the sleepy suburb is overrun with serial killers from throughout history. Between a creepy mansion, a massive graveyard, an evil sheriff, a killer clown, and his mother working for the Department of Tourism, Dodd isn't sure who to trust beyond his faithful hound, Fox. But surviving alone isn't easy in a town where EVERYONE is the local butcher.

For me, this story checks A LOT of boxes. Let's run down the list:

- YA (Young Adult) - This is a story that spans multiple age groups. Think Goosebumps for Adults with lots of fun 90's nostalgia. That makes it perfect for folks my age AND their kids.

- Paranormal / Supernatural - Yeah, something spooky is definitely going on in this town. (I'm not gonna spoil it here - you have to check it out!)

- Mystery / Thriller - Discovering the branching mystery is a BIG part of the fun. It's got a few great twists waiting for you and danger (literally) around every corner.

- Comedy / Satire - The real hook here is the lovable characters and all of their amusing quirks. Over-the-top is kind of the sweet spot for me.

- True Crime - Yeah, anybody who knows me, knows I like to double-down on my history. There are some real facts and real killers in the story. Hmmm.. maybe there's a reason it's set in the 90's beyond my love of the X-Files?

- Coming of Age - Part of the reason I felt I had to tell this story is because I relate to it so much. Many times in my life I was the new kid in town, and it can be isolating, feeling like the whole world is against you. I really drew from a lot of my personal experiences here, which I think truly brings the character of Dodd to life, as he reaches the age where he's growing into being his own independent person. ❤️

Where can you read it?!

Follow the link - HERE - I'm starting with the first five chapters and releasing new episodes every Tuesday! KindleVella can be read on Kindle Fire, your home PC/MAC or the Kindle App on your Smart Phone - so plenty of options!

Uh, dude, aren't you already releasing a story on KindleVella?

Yeah, totally man-dude! My Sci-fi Thriller, ABSENT STARS, is wrapping up the huge, mega, colossal, epic, insane ending next month. (Final two chapters will be out on October 20th!) I had considered waiting on WTD (that's short for Welcome to Dahmerville) but I'm just too excited to get it out there and THIS is the season to read some fun horror, so why wait?! Gotta keep that ball rolling like that big ball that... rolled... and kept rolling, and almost killed Indiana Jones. You know what I'm talking about.

But wait... how does KindleVella even work?

Well, it's pretty simple, actually. The first three chapters of any and every story are always FREE. That means you have three chapters to see if you like something and try it out. NOW, if you're new to KindleVella, they're really good about wanting to keep you engaged, and give you 200 tokens free. If you're not sure - that's actually a NICE BIG chunk of free tokens to keep you reading for a long while. And if not - just as an example - it probably cost $5 to read all of Absent Stars, which is definitely cheaper than the price of a paperback. (Usually in the $10 range) So this is not only saving you money, but you have the fun of getting new chapters each week!

I LOVE episodic storytelling, so I think it's pretty cool! PLUS - I'm adding episode titles and Author's Notes that will NOT be in the final book, so it's like you get a peek behind the curtain and some extra goodies for reading each week!

And if it's not your jam - that's totally cool - just be patient! The full Kindle and Paperback releases will be out a few months later. However, I'm a big Halloween nut, so having spooky stuff this time of the year is what makes it enjoyable for me.

Isn't this blog post long enough?

Uh, yes it is. WAY longer than I meant it to be, but I get too excited about these things!

Thank you SO MUCH for checking out WELCOME TO DAHMERVILLE (and Absent Stars!) 😘

I hope you love them as much as I do. For fans of Black of Heart, I've got a surprise coming for you soon too! Thanks for all of your support, Likes, Follows, Faves, etc. It's what allows me to keep doing what I love - so share as much as possible!

Stay safe, stay tuned, and keep reading!



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