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Well... Ask and ye shall receive.

In a twist of fate that I'd prefer hadn't happened, (but that's life - and here we are, all up in the middle of it), the softback trade for "Black of Heart" is CURRENTLY in Previews for pre-order through your Local Comic Shop!

Here is the Previews Code: MAY211707

And for the good measure, you can go directly to the link here:

That essentially puts me three weeks behind on promoting the book. That is seriously unfortunate. My understanding is that the good people of Source Point Press and Simon & Schuster have been promoting it, but I haven't personally seen any of that and wasn't made aware until yesterday.

That's where YOU come in! To make this a success, I could really use your help. Share this, talk it up online, invite me to your podcasts, webisodes, etc. Anything you could do to get the word out would be a great help!

Is there someone in your life that's a big fan of noir, serial killers, detective mysteries, etc? Send them this link or tell your Local Comic Shop you'd like to preorder the Black of Heart trade! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! ❤❤❤

It feels a bit like I've been buried in lemons, but hey, I guess it's time to make that lemonade.

Stay safe, stay tuned and keep reading!



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