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Because it's cold as heck AND AND AND because I just added new BUNDLES of the original print run of "Binary Gray", we're having a BIG BIG SALE!

25% OFF anything in the store with the Code: BUNDLEUP

BINARY GRAY - Bundle #1 features the first six issues of the series, which follows Alex Gray through a twisting, turning world of conspiracies, powerful heroes and vicious villains! (CLICK HERE!)

Alex Gray was just your average IT Guy… until an accidental electrocution left him with the ability to communicate with any electronic device. As Alex explores his new powers, he begins the search for his father’s killer and unwittingly unravels a very tangled web of deceit and corruption, making him the target of an agency bent on controlling the booming super human population.

BINARY GRAY - Bundle #2 features issues seven through twelve and cranks up the heat in every way possible as Alex's world is turned upside down! (CLICK HERE!)

With evolving electrical powers, Alex Gray has become an unstoppable force. Alone in a new world and hunted by “The Agency”, he continues to track his father’s killer with reckless abandon. While a team of super-powered heroes, known as "The Virtue", fight off an army of robotic soldiers, Alex battles his own demons in a showdown to the death.

Fans of "BLACK OF HEART" will love the original cover artwork by David Hollenbach!

But it's not just the new product - OH NO!

EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! So tell a friend, a co-worker, some guy you saw on the street who looked like he had too much time on his hands... you get the point!

Use the Code: BUNDLEUP and get some hot, fresh comics to keep you warm!! This won't last long, so ACT FAST!

Don't forget, Black of Heart #3 is in stores this week!! ❤❤❤

Stay safe, stay tuned and keep reading!!



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