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It is my great pleasure to reveal the cover and info on my new book -


It's been a lifelong dream of mine to release a book of poetry and I'm very proud to say that it's finally happening. A LIT WICK is a wonderfully volatile collection of poems, lyrics and short stories that paint an interpretive portrait through pieces of my life. A metaphorical flame held to a shattered mirror. Some of it is incredibly raw, some humorous, some heartbreaking. Themes of healing, growth, anger, regret, death, trust and letting it all go.

I hope you'll join in on my journey. This has the feel of something that I'd like to continue. Poetry complimented by stories that sort of feed into each other, almost like a legend to read a map or decipher a code. Details on the when, where and how will be coming soon!

And please, a round of applause for this incredible cover by Ryan Quackenbush. We had previously worked on "The Dolls", (also available from Source Point Press under "Horror Double Feature 2"), and I'm so glad we had an opportunity to work together again. He really knocked it out of the park. There's a little more to that story, my writing method, (and to how the book came to be in general), in the introduction, so I won't spoil anything here, if only to prod you further to pick up your copy haha.

As for a teaser... please enjoy the first poem in the book:

"One Storm Leaves Cold Hearts"

One storm leaves cold hearts, but we continue in

With hard hands, sold long, and how we hindered them

Turning coils and spires up under the sun

In a haze

Some are hidden


In that center

A coma

And we rarely call it never anymore

So come for the cause and the words we sound like

Harmony, this quick, is all sculpture

Fine to look at

But act like

Talk with

Its craving culture catapulted to our knees

And even then, a lit wick

More news coming soon!

Stay safe, stay tuned, and thank you, as always, for reading.



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