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Wayne's Comics Interview / Update!

I've been dragging my feet on the blog the last couple of months, but last month I did an interview on Wayne's Comics Podcast and had a great time talking with Wayne. One of the things about writing is the pendulum swings of confidence and doubt, so when you speak to someone who "gets it", it feels pretty nice.

You can check out the interview HERE and my thanks again to Wayne for having me on and his enthusiasm for my work.

The good news is that, part of the reason I've been dragging my feet here is that I've been really productive writing new material. Progress on my Sci-Fi novel has been slow, but I've been hard at work on three new comic series and a couple of screenplays - one of which I pitched to a producer, who asked to read the script. That sounds exciting, but doesn't mean much more than I pitched the story well and it had a good hook. Still - I'll take it. I'm currently working on a screenplay version of Black of Heart, which has been a lot of fun to revisit and a good warm up for the sequel, White of Lies, which I'm currently outlining and doing a bit of world building for between all of these other projects.

While that sounds like I'm overburdening myself, my strategy at this point is to outline a complete story and write the first issue to cement the characters and tone before finding an artist to put a pitch together. If the pitch lands - HOORAY - and the rest of the writing is completed. If not, and there's enough interest, I'll self-publish and most likely run a Kick Starter to bring it all together and get the books made.

It may or may not work, but for the time being, this is my current thought process. I have no shortage of story ideas and the process of finding an artist can be difficult. Add to that the turnaround time to get the pages done, and it's best that I stay busy. If I can sell a screenplay to supplement this, then it's all the better.

Lately it seems to matter less that I write something to completion and more that I stay busy and maintain momentum. Having something to be excited about is a big part of that for me. Especially when isolating myself during the holidays. It can be a tough time of year if it has you in its grip.

Here's to hoping that hasn't happened to you - that your chin is up and you're spending time with family and friends who support you and share their love.

Happy Holidays and as always, thanks for reading. See you next year!


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